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Franchise Cost

The Setup Cost

Below is the setup cost table to start your own Blok Space outlet. There are two types of franchise size currently available to be setup in shopping malls and centralized commercial area. We provide step-by-step guidance and information for future prospects.

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Description 600 sqf
(24 tables)
800 sqf
(32 tables)
Logo, consultancy, training, and know-how
RM 50,000 RM 50,000
(Return within 1 month after contract expiry)
RM 2,500 RM 2,500
Monthly Royalty cost RM 800 RM 800
Interior Design RM 100,000 RM 120,000
Equipment, Table, Chair, POS, Reception,
Shoe Case, Cabinet, CCTV
RM 40,000 RM 50,000
Materials, Uniform, Fire extinguisher,
Telephone, Office Equipment
RM 2,000 RM 2,000
Blocks Lego, Kitchen set, Train set,
the cost of settings
RM 20,000 RM 25,000
Advertising, Pamphlet, Open Presents,
Promotion Stickers
RM 3,000 RM 3,000
Total RM 218,300 RM 253,300

The area of the franchise to be set up are listed as below:

  • Shopping mall
  • Big market
  • Centralized commercial area

There are two types of franchise size:

  • Shopping mall or big market (over 600 sqf)
  • Centralized commercial area (over 800 sqf)

Amount of investment is around RM 220K (Depends on the conditions)

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